We are enabler

Your ideas have talents. Let’s bring them to life.

Sisteer assists innovative businesses to implement and manage their connected systems. Sisteer places flexibility and expertize in the heart of his service. Our goal: Providing our partners the reactivity necessary to succeed.
Lets give your ideas what they need to succeed. You are, we are enablers.

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Lets give your ideas what they need to succeed.
Your are creator. developer. entrepreneur. operator. creator. We are enabler

Sisteer offers key and ready to use solutions to deploy Telecom and IoT connected systems.

Sisteer has the resources, the technologies and the ecosystem to rapidly launch a wireless operator, monetize the IoT services or develop an innovative connected service.

Sisteer’s approach is based on the Cloud technology that offers efficient solutions to entrepreneurs who want to launch their product fast for a low investment cost.

Since its beginning in 2002, Sisteer contributed to the launch of more than 50 service operators and more than 10 millions products are currently using our technologies.

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What is an enabler ?

An enabler in an integrated and specialized system mixing expertize and technology. By mostly using the Cloud service, the enablers shortened the time to launch new services and reduce the investment cost.

The Enabler approach

Strongly specialized. An Enabler is the integrated system specialized in a functional domain.

A service platform pre-integrated. 

An Enabler works from a service platform pre-integrated to organize its expertize and its offers.

The flexibility as a way of life. Functionality, rate, methodology and flexibility are in the center of the Enabler offers.


  • Time to market

    the system development is no longer a constraint in the launch schedule.

  • Easy financing

    the economic system adjusts to the constraints of each project.

  • One stop shop

    The increased functional coverage reduces the effort of integration.

Sisteer facilitated the financing of your projects.

Sisteer offers all current economic models et can participate in the financing of the risky project.

PaaS (Platform as a Service)

Favorite models for the generalist integrators; the PaaS financing is focused on a high entree cost. Recurring costs are reduced to the cost of licenses and maintenance of the software.

SaaS (Software as a Service)

The service is billed by the usage, the entree cost is slightly reduced, The SaaS model is made for big projects and clients that mainly externalized the system function.

NaaS (Network as a Service)

The system and the access to the network are billed together. The cost of entree is reduced to its maximum. The financing is focused on the use of the networks.

Revenu Share

The financing of the service is based on the final revenue. The entree cost is reduced to the minimum This model is made for high risk projects and with limited financing capacities.



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